Moscona: Death Valley indeed for MSU

LSU Mississippi State

Editor’s Note: Each week, SEC14 will have columns from a number of radio personalities across the SEC. Today, Mr. Matt Moscona.  RM.

November 16, 1991 – the last time LSU lost to Mississippi State in Tiger Stadium.

October 31, 1994 – the birthday of current LSU quarterback Anthony Jennings.

When businesses around Baton Rouge distribute LSU schedule posters every summer, Tiger fans customarily uncap their Sharpie and scribble a “W” next to the State game. It’s hard to blame them.

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Breaking down State vs LSU

Dak Prescott LSU
Dak Prescott preparing for his LSU homecoming

Since head coach Dan Mullen landed in Starkville, no team in the SEC has consistently played LSU and Alabama as tough as State – absent LSU and Bama themselves.  The problem is the Bulldogs have nothing to show for it – going 0-10 over that span.

However, this year MSU packs for Baton Rouge with an offense that’s averaging 44 points per game and a defense that’s tied for first in the SEC in sacks.

Will State be able to put pressure on the inexperienced quarterback Anthony Jennings?  Will MSU’s Dak Prescott be ready for his Louisiana homecoming?

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Mitchell: Kansas State Run D

Kansas State Wildcats

A random but interesting stat caught our eye on Wednesday…

Clearly the sign of a well coached, athletic team.  And not something that an Auburn player, coach or even fan should dismiss lightly.

But what does it mean in terms of the Auburn game Thursday?

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And a child led them…at Legion Field in 1987

Editor’s note: As part of the buildup for Florida vs. Alabama on Saturday, will take a look at some memorable moments from the recent history of the series.

Playing in only his 2nd game as a Florida Gator,  Pensacola, FL, High School phenom Emmitt Smith racked up at that time, the greatest rushing day in Florida history. When the 18 year old was done,  he had carried an astounding 39 times for 224 yards, as the Gators stunned the Tide in the SEC opener.

Now sit back and enjoy a brief look back on that day 27 years ago in a segment of University of Florida’s season highlight reel. (Note the “Baby Faced” Emmitt, too).



Mitchell: Georgia’s defense worse than 2013?

Georgia Defense Struggles Defensive
Some of Brandon Wilds’ 6.6 ypc

Talking people off a ledge is not really my forte.

Still, I’ve been cautioning Georgia fan since SEC Media Days that the Bulldog secondary was going to be its albatross.

You don’t take a unit that was dead last in the conference last year in yards per attempt (if not for 0-8 Arkansas and 0-8 Kentucky), see it lose its two best players, and somehow get better.

Defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt could be the best defensive backs expert in the land, but he can still only cook with the ingredients he has at his disposal.

So what next?

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Breaking Down Florida vs. Bama

Driskel Florida Muschamp

Is Jeff Driskel ready to pull it off and win the big one?

In a word … no.  But we have to break it down regardless, and we resisted the urge to squeeze a “Breaking Bad” reference into this.

Here’s The Deal: How does a college football head coach go from thrown under or off the bus to the biggest thing in college football in one week? Beat Alabama. But does Will from Gainesville have the horses and the talent to get his Gators to rise up and pull off a program-changing win, or is this when Alabama flexes a little muscle and shows that everything is humming at a national title level?

My colleagues and I dissect the game in greater detail at College Football News.  Buckle your seat belts JUMP HERE.



Brand new “SmackCast” is Up! Week 4

What did we learn from UGA/South Carolina? Do we really know how good Bama is, yet? Days later, who can make sense of the chaos in OT in Gainesville last Saturday night? And what’s the most intriguing game to watch this week?

Russ and I discuss it all on the latest edition of the “Smackcast” here:

Harbach: Going for Two in the SEC

Gamecocks Georgia

1 – SEC Jump to Conclusions Mat

What did we learn after one week of SEC Football … Georgia was the “best team in the land”, South Carolina was awful, Arkansas’ offense wasn’t going to work and A&M has a QB with a flashy nickname.

Two weeks later and Georgia fans are furious, Gamecocks are optimistic, Arkansas’ run game is filthy and, well, we still love Kenny Trill.

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Carpenter: Wizard & Genius – Malzahn takes on the master

Editors Note: Each week, SEC14 will have columns from a number of radio personalities across the SEC. Today, Mr. T.J. Carpenter chimes in from SPORTSNIGHT w/ TJ Carpenter, on 810 WHB Kansas City.  RM.

Bill Snyder KSU Wildcats
Lurking in the shadows, still

It’s not hyperbole – long before the HUNH offense, Bill Snyder revolutionized the way undersized programs recruit, scheme and attack traditional powerhouses.

He turned upsets into expectations. He did it with unique strategies and a new way of thinking. After 30 years, opposing coaches still can’t figure out him and his Kansas State Wildcats.  Which is what makes this Thursday night’s game against Auburn so much more intriguing.

Similarly, Tigers’ coach Gus Malzahn marches to the beat of his own drummer. He’s often called an offensive “genius”. Is it hyperbole?

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Abraham: Can Vandy get kicked out of the SEC?

Editors Note: Each week, will have columns from a number of radio personalities across the SEC. Today, Mr. Thom Abraham chimes in from The Thom Abraham Show.  RM.

Mason Vanderbilt Anchor Down
Don’t look back

Midway through the third quarter Saturday, my 14 year old son walked into my den and saw the score of the UMass-Vandy game … 31-20 UMass … and said, “Dad, can Vandy get kicked out of the SEC?”

He wasn’t kidding. And he was concerned.

Being a loving parent, I tried to make sense of the question.

“Well, no, son,” I said, in my calmest, most reassuring voice. “See, they were a founding member and…”

I trailed off.

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