Special Post Season Smackcast!

Time to recap the SEC Title Game win by Alabama, the final rankings of the College Football Playoff Committee, and the handing out of SEC post-season accolades and the Heisman too!

Check out Russ and T.J.’s thoughts on all here:

SmackCast: Who wins SEC Title game?

It’s all come down to Missouri vs. Alabama for the SEC Championship Saturday night in Atlanta. What must Mizzou do for the upset? How does Bama avoid that upset and advance to the College Football Playoff?

Hear Russ Mitchell and T.J. Rives break it down below!

SmackCast: Should UGA fans be happy w/Richt or want more?

On the latest SmackCast, Russ and T.J. were discussing Nebraska ousting Bo Pelini after a winning season and with largely a successful track record, and then the conversation turned to Georgia and Mark Richt.

Is it good enough to be a great guy that represents the university well, but regularly not win the SEC or contend the for the title? Hear the discussion below:

SmackCast: Russ & TJ Discuss McElwain hire by Gators

On Wednesday, SEC14.com lead columnist Russ Mitchell and T.J. Rives were discussing the likelihood that Florida would work out the buyout and hire Jim McElwain from Colorado State.

On Thursday morning the deal was finalized and he will be the new Gators Head Coach.

Hear the debate about the hire here:


Regular Season Finale’ editon of SmackCast!

The regular season is done and it’s now down to Alabama and Mizzou to decide the SEC Title. On this week’s edition of the SmackCast, have we gotten over the bonkers offense of the “Iron Bowl?” How great was Jalen Walton’s TD run in the “Egg Bowl?!” Are Russ and T.J. in agreement with the College Football Playoff rankings? And, who ultimately wins in Atlanta?

Get the answers to these questions and more below:

Subjective Process has Bama vs FSU in NOLA? …Shocker!

CFB-Playoff-Vertical Signature_RGB

There was one thing  immediately apparent when the second to last College Football Playoff Rankings were revealed Tuesday night. Despite what Jeff Long may say publicly, the Committee of 12 definitely has a mindset of:  how sexy is the match-up, how full can we get the stadiums in the semi-finals and how many more fans will watch on TV, if we move the pieces around on the board a little?

How else do you justify, Florida State without losing, again, dropping into the 4th spot in the Rankings, where they would just “coincidentally” be on the verge of a TITANIC showdown in the Sugar Bowl vs. Alabama?

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