SmackCast: Russ asks LSU fan for forgiveness, and more!

On the latest edition of the SmackCast, we discuss why every game last week seemed to have “Beat Down” written all over it.  Plus, is Russ satisfied this week with Alabama winning by 59? How good is Ole Miss‘ D? Does Russ have amnesia when it comes to claiming LSU wouldn’t win a league game? What’s bothering him about the College Football Playoff and with our friends at the NCAA?

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Palmer: Ole Miss vs LSU feels…

Ole Miss vs. SEC_LSU

As usual, one team is entering the game with its sights set on College Football’s greatest prize. As usual, the other team has been thoroughly beaten a couple of times.

As usual, the underdog’s fans feel like Saturday’s game is winnable.  As usual, that stadium is going to be ready.

As usual, the favorite has a bigger fish or two to fry later down the road, and might be looking ahead.  And, as usual, LSU and Ole Miss fans hate each other.

That’s where usual stops.

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