Gators/Vols ” ‘Aint what it used to be! “


Remember the 1990’s?

ESPN gave us a second channel-very originally dubbed “The Deuce.”  “Wayne’s World” dominated “Saturday Night Live” and the Big Screen. And, an Arkansas Governor brought #WPS to the White House for two terms.

Oh, and Florida vs. Tennessee used to be one of THE games to watch, not just in the SEC, but in all of college football. Every year.

You had two of the “power houses in the South” with personalities like Steve Spurrier and Peyton Manning, which made for great intrigue around this game. (Never mind the fact that Peyton went O-fer in his 4 attempts against the Gators). Danny Wuerffel stomped his way to a Heisman tearing up the Vols. The game was regularly on ABC with Keith Jackson calling it or on CBS as the SEC game of the week.

My how the times have changed. Just like we discarded “Parachute Pants” and stopped watching “Saved by the Bell” on Saturday mornings, this lack of “rivalry” has now been reduced to two lower echelon SEC East teams playing at noon instead of a marquee slot.

Contemplate that Tennessee has fallen so low, that it’s fan base is now regularly found muttering, “we didn’t lose as bad as we thought” in most big games over the last 6-7 seasons.

And for Florida? Despite 9 straight wins in this series, including  3 in the Muschamp reign, the game is being viewed by Gator Fans as a referendum on keeping the volatile “Head Gator,” who’s lost a TON since being hired.

Yes, it will be Florida at Tennessee. In Knoxville. At Noon Saturday.

But I conclude with the country poet (singer) Toby Keith from a few years ago (not quite the ’90s)  to summarize remembering what Gators and Vols USED to be.
Sing it, TK!





Editor’s Note: Each week, SEC14 will have guest writers from the Power 5 conferences write a quick summary of their league, in a series we’ll call From Enemy Territory. Think of it as CliffNotes for your SEC-centric brain. Just enough to keep you connected to the rest of college football … but not enough to waste precious space for SEC insight/entertainment.

It’s UCLA—not Oregon or Stanford— that has the best shot of knocking off an SEC team.

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Update: Vols QB Worley


It’s more than just a fashion statement.

The Knoxville News Sentinel caught up with Tennessee quarterback Justin Worley after practice Tuesday.  The senior is wearing a sleeve on his right throwing arm this week.  Will he be ready for Saturday’s rivalry game?

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Mitchell: Week 6, What We Know


You didn’t dream it.  September was awful.

We’ve been on record for several weeks arguing this has been the worst slate of September games in more than two decades.  College football is in danger of becoming just a two month sport.  Never forget, as exciting as the new Playoff will be, and as much as we love CFB, we take much of December off and the NFL owns January eyeballs.

But October is here, and with it a slew of exciting SEC games.  We’ll have a better grasp of the conference after some heavyweight match-ups this October 4, but until then, here’s one thing we know about each team so far:  Continue reading