SmackCast: Russ Hammers NCAA on Gurley ruling!

On the latest edition of the SmackCast this week, lead columnist Russ Mitchell weighed in on the NCAA continuing Georgia running back Todd Gurley’s suspension and also imposing community service on him, as well!

A preview? He ‘aint pleased.

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Week 10 Smackcast is up!

Did the Playoff Committee get their initial ranking right?  Just how catastrophic was the interception by Bo Wallace last Saturday night in Death Valley?  Can Mississippi State hold up as the unbeaten top ranked team in the nation?  And why is the NCAA now imposing community service as a penalty on a player not convicted of a crime?

All the answers await in the SmackCast now!

Mitchell: CFP, look to CBB

CFB-Playoff-Vertical Signature_RGB

In the Made-for-TV (Read: ESPN) college football world that we live in today, it was only natural that the inaugural College Football Playoff Committee would meet and release it rankings several times before a final vote.

The E doesn’t stand for entertainment by accident.

But is it healthy for our sport that the Playoff Committee releases multiple rankings?

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