Blasphemy Alert: No SEC in CFB Playoff?

Alabama fans

The likelihood is that the SEC will have at least one team in the final four of the College Football Playoff. And potentially, there could be a case made for Mississippi State as a one loss team that didn’t win the West, to be a SECOND SEC team that makes it.

But, don’t shoot the messenger. There’s also a scenario (however remote) that the conference could be “left at the altar” when the final rankings come out.

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Scenarios in Play Today for SEC Championship Game


Okay, we here at want to keep it simple for you on this 2nd to last Saturday of the regular season. So, rather going down the “rabbit hole” of multi-team tiebreaker, etc. for now. Let’s go over the basics of today, as it relates to who plays whom in Atlanta in two weeks.

First, Ole Miss is teetering on the brink of elimination to win the West. Obviously, a loss this afternoon at Arkansas would give them three in the conference and end their hopes. A win, however, keeps them alive, for now, for a possible tiebreak with two loss teams.

Next, Mississippi State holds out hope of winning the West and will likely romp over lowly Vanderbilt. However, we have already seen examples with FSU trailing much of the game at home to Virginia two weeks ago, Auburn blowing a home game to Texas A & M and Arizona State LOSING at a bad Oregon State team last week, if you don’t take your opponent seriously, it can bite you. Stay Tuned.

Finally, in Knoxville tonight, Missouri must win its last two games to repeat as East champs and would take a large step in beating the Big Orange. However, should the Vols pull the shocker, then Georgia will celebrate tonight, as the East representative in Atlanta.

Those are the only three scenarios involving teams in action today.  Let’s go!






Brand new SmackCast is up!

Just How impressive was Alabama? Did Mississippi State show in defeat that they are worth of the CFB Playoff? Why was Todd Gurley still in the UGA game with under 5:00 left the other night to get a season ending injury? Who wins Mizzou at Tennessee?

Get the answers to these questions and a lot more from Russ and T.J.  here:

SmackCast Extra: Booger McFarland of the SEC Network!


On a special edition of the SmackCast, we get the chance to talk with former LSU All SEC DT Anthony “Booger” McFarland who’s seen every weekend on the SEC Network.

How good is Mississippi State? What kind of chance does an East team have of pulling the shocker in Atlanta? And who took whose money on the golf course between he & SEC Network colleague Peter Burns?

Find out these answers and more here:

Mitchell: Foley’s on the clock


As the University of Florida Athletic Director since 1992, and asst AD since 1981, Jeremy Foley has done a great job steering the schools’ athletic programs to greatness.  Indeed, few AD’s can boast a resume as significant in its achievements as Foley.

However, if he makes another mistake selecting the head football coach, his days in Gainesville are likely over.

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Rives: Get ready for new #1 … Alabama

CFB-Playoff-Vertical Signature_RGB

With the understanding that it’s fluid and will change some more, get ready for some REAL screaming on Tuesday night in the likely event that Alabama not only moves in to the College Football Playoff committee’s top 4, but advances all the way up to #1!

While we here at could be tagged with “SEC Bias” on a lot of what we do, there are also these things called  facts, and previous indicators of what the committee has done give you clues into what they might do in their vote this week.

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